CSSMB Faculty Advisor Wins ‘Advisor/Coach of the Year’

CSSMB Faculty Advisor Wins ‘Advisor/Coach of the Year’

Screenshot of student organization award Instagram post announcing Amir Attia as advisor/coach of the year

CSSMB’s Faculty Advisor, Amir Attia, was announced via Instagram as Cal State Monterey Bay’s Advisor/Coach of the Year for the 2019-2020 Student Organization Awards, hosted by Student Engagement and Leadership Development at CSUMB.

When the CSSMB Officers approached Professor Attia to be our Faculty Advisor, it was his first semester as a CSUMB instructor. Despite all his new responsibilities, he enthusiastically signed on not to only advise our club, but played a leading role helping establish a foundation for our new organization.

Throughout our process of structuring our organization and transitioning to virtual learning, Amir has always been supportive and offers invaluable feedback. He never fails to check in and see how we are doing personally and professionally within the club. Professor Attia has pushed ourselves and our organization to become even greater, and we deeply appreciate him for it.

We are thrilled for Amir to be recognized as an enthusiastic and supportive advisor within the Inter-Club Council at CSUMB.